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Rockpanel, part of the ROCKWOOL group dating back over 80 years is a worldwide brand offering a diverse variety of high-quality products and solutions. The products ranging from, exterior cladding, facades boards, metal panels, rockpanels systems all provide a high level of application security enabling ease of use. As a result, clients are provided with the best products available with expertise from staff members helping clients choose the perfect product for them.


About Rockpanel

Rockpanel is built upon on a relationship with clients and architects. With a primary goal to establish themselves as a reliable and capable partner for new builds and renovations. Clients are supplied with a continual stream of new, high-quality, and best-suited system solutions by focusing on core principles of Innovation, Quality, Technical Expertise, and Sustainability. Rockpanel stands for dependability and professional quality, as well as energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Providing a solution allowing clients to be able to design and realize any building that pops up in their mind without being concerned about the limitations. Rockpanel boards are made of stone wool, a material that is sustainable from nature, fire safe, dimensionally stable, weather resistant, easy to work with and requires low maintenance. All Rockpanel products are compliant to the latest building regulations.

Metal Panels

Metals are shiny, robust, and malleable. They’ve been around for millennia. The industrial revolution may have passed by, but the style has not. A metallic appearance is classic and never goes out of style. Many clients and architects struggle to strike the perfect mix between usefulness and beauty. There’s no need to compromise with Rockpanel Metals. They provide functionality, safety, sustainability, and fire standards to the highest level. The rockpanel metal panels provide these following characteristics

  • Authentic metallic look
  • Fire resilient and low maintenance
  • Wide range of designs
  • Custom designs
  • Durable and robust


When you think of metals, you’ll probably think of shine and lustre. Rockpanel Metals allow you to control the gloss and shine you require. Many of the designs are available in three different gloss grades: matt, semi-gloss and high-gloss.

Customising Facades

Bend or cut facade boards into your desired size and shape. By routing or perforating your facade, you are able to easily give your facade its own signature look. Engrave unique designs in the panels or play with light and depth by perforating the facade panels. Rockpanel Metals boards don’t require any treatment against moisture, allowing it to be long lasting and sustainable.

Exterior Cladding

Rockpanel provide highly adaptable broad variety of Exterior Cladding products, available in a spectrum of colours and styles to meet global demands. Rockpanel products are efficient since they produce the least amount of waste and are simple and quick to install. Allowing it to become the most cost-effective cladding option for restoration or new construction projects.

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