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Hush Acoustics has been designing and producing sound-dampening products for over 30 years, rising up as the UK’s leading and most well-known acoustic specialists for domestic and commercial use. Founded in 1984, Scotland, Hush Acoustics relocated to North West England in 1998 creating a state wide distribution network.

Hush Acoustics has created a diverse product line to meet the needs of all acoustic applications. This includes acoustic flooring, battens and cradles, acoustic insulation, resilient bar systems, suspended ceiling systems, specialty wall and ceiling boards, flanking strips, absorber panels, and much more.

How does acoustic insulation work?

Acoustic insulation, the main principle is adding as much mass as feasible. This allows to reduce noise from through a structure. The most effective soundproofing solutions don’t just add more of the same mass, they add mass which is comprised of different materials. This is very important, as different materials are better than others at blocking different types of sound. 

Sound travels as a vibration when it hits a wall or floor. To prevent sound vibrations travelling through buildings, the vibration needs to be dampened to stop it from travelling through. The most effective way to stop sound vibration energy from travelling through is to dampen the structure and then add mass. 

Noise Pollution Prevention

As areas become denser, and family homes become more compact, the amount of noise pollution has increased, and more families and individuals are searching for ways to retain peace, privacy and quietness between rooms and houses. 

Noise pollution can have severe impacts daily for range of people. Creating health problem such as Noise Induced Hearing Loss. Exposure to loud noise can also cause high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disturbances, and stress. These health problems can affect people of all age groups, especially children. 

Majority of people who live near noisy airports or streets have been found to suffer from stress and other problems, such as impairments in memory, attention level, and reading skills, as it impacts children the most it can have a lasting impact for the future to come.


Types of Insulation

Hush Acoustics offers both under screed and over screed rubber-based acoustic membranes that can be used with most floor finishes and works to provide a sound-reducing layer. With the perfect floor design additional sound insulation is implemented allowing a reduction in sound transmission.

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