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For many homeowners, the big consideration when it comes to the roof is the roof insulation. And while this of course can be an important aspect for keeping your house warm and reducing energy costs, the reality is that neglecting roof ventilation can have some serious, and costly, consequences.

Main Roof Ventilation

In-line Slate Ventilators are ideal for roofs where the normal ventilation airpath is blocked by valleys, abutments, hips, dormer windows and firebreaks or party walls and for roofs where it is not possible to integrate standard eaves or ridge ventilation

An effective method for delivering roof ventilation and keeping condensation at bay is by adopting vents within the roof ridges or the eaves. As the warm air rises, so the vents offer it a path to escape through the ridge, while eave vents can draw colder air into the roof space from the outside.

Verge Trim

A Verge Trim is a thin strip of plastic or metal that sits at the top of the wall where the insulation meets the either the roofline or the windowsill. Verge Trim is suitable for most situations where the external wall insulation requires capping, whether around windowsills or at the top of the system to extend the roof line. Its main purpose is to redirect water away from the EWI system and prevent any moisture penetrating behind the insulation boards.

Ridges & Hips

Ridges protect the top layers of slate and tile. If the ridge capping is blown off, the top courses of slates or tiles can be quickly lost. Hips and ridges are named after the purpose they were designed for: to cover your roof’s hips and ridges.

Ridges: the horizontal lines at the top edge of two sloping roof planes.

Hips: the vertical lines from two adjoined sloping roof planes.

Disc Rivets

Copper disc rivets are used for the fixing of roof slates, to avoid wind uplift of the slates, and preventing water from penetrating. Often used for moss prevention on roofs.


  • Copper products help to minimise the effect of corrosion, as it is rust free
  • Copper has a very long-life expectancy, so you can trust the longevity of these copper disc rivets
  • Copper has a life expectancy like that of lead
  • Roof Insulation Board
  • Helps to prevent the growth of moss and algae on the roof
  • Hold without restricting thermal movement of the roof
  • Slate roof protection
  • Avoids wind uplift
  • Allows slates to bend and recover under wetting and heating cycles

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