Benifits of Cladding

Adding Cladding to your home is a great way to give your home a make-over in a cost and time-effective way. Allowing you to have a sleek, contemporary, modern look, a rustic traditional look, or a something completely unique. With cladding, you can take control of how your home looks, as well as adding a layer of protection, and potentially improving the value of your property. Cladding is part of the exterior wall of a property that protects all the other interior elements of the property.

Cladding is an adaptable product that can be used in a variety of situations. It can be used when constructing a new home, as an integral part the new design. It can also be used when renovating or extending your current home.



Cladding essentially is simply adding an extra skin to your home which could work as a barrier to your home from British weather conditions. Adding any extra layers to your home could help add protection to your building, against harsh conditions.

Increasing The Value of your Property

With anything that costs money to do to your home, you want to know if you’ll get anything back from it. Adding exterior wall cladding to your property could help it sell for more. Not only could it improve the appeal of your home and outward appearance of your home, giving people a positive first impression. Thanks to the benefits above, the variety of colours, protection from weather conditions and it’s the ease of maintenance, could all play a part in increasing the value of your home.


Environmentally Friendly 

Claddings can be made of recycled materials, making them environmentally friendly and reducing the amount of material that goes to landfill. And because they are made from common materials, at the end of their useful life as cladding, they can easily be recycled. As a result, this heavily reduces the carbon footprint associated with cladding

Aesthetic value

One of the most common reasons that homeowners choose to use cladding insulation board on their home is the aesthetically pleasing appearance it will add to their property. Cladding for homes comes in a variety of different styles and colours for you to choose from. 

Choosing the right cladding

Cladding is an important decision when designing a building since the building’s energy and the comfort of the residents can be affected by not applying it. You can alternatively add insulation for your claddings during renovation. The best time to think about thermal insulation of the external walls is when the cladding is being renovated. 

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