Facade insulation

Choosing the right insulation materials for a facade is an important decision when designing a building, since the building’s energy efficiency and the comfort of the residents within will depend on this. You can alternatively add insulation for your facades during renovation. The best time to think about thermal insulation of the external walls is when the facade insulation is being renovated or when you are considering replacing your windows. Renovations of facades must improve the insulation of the building without disrupting the life of the residents nor reduce the useful space of the property. 


The U-Value indicates the thermal quality of material and building components, the lower the U-value the better the thermal insulation property. High-quality insulation makes a house more energy efficient, keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter, both factors that not only enhance living quality but also require less energy input. A facade insulation protects the building and helps it keep its market value by allowing itself to become a protective cover.

External insulation

  External wall insulation is the most suitable solution for insulating walls. When applying insulation, you can go for different materials such as polystyrene, mineral wool or polyurethane.

The characteristics that must be met are:

  • Removal of thermal bridges.

  • Removal of condensation and moisture leaks.

  • Not affecting the interior space of the building.

  • Protecting the structure against thermal shocks.

Exterior Thermal Insulation System consists of the application of an insulating mortar coating to the exterior facade, protected with a mineral mortar. The fixing of the insulation material is done in both an adhesive and a mechanical way.

It is one of the most effective methods for thermally insulating the facade of a building and its cost is repaid over a period of approximately ten years. Other benefits include the fact that it contributes to reduce energy losses by more than 50%.


Polyurethane systems are one of the best materials in terms of insulation thanks to their excellent thermal behaviour, their versatility, and their efficiency, as well as in terms of value for money. While sprayed polyurethane and sandwich panels are the best choice for insulation from the outside, injected polyurethane is an excellent choice to insulate walls with an air gap.

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