Backer Boards

Cement backer board is a low-cost and convenient building material that makes tiling, flooring, and countertop projects go faster and look better in the end. Most importantly, cement backer board contributes to a longer-lasting, more durable tile installation, with no chance of backing board rot and a reduced chance of rot with the underlying wall studs or floor joists.


Why use a backer board?

Backer boards are perfect for waterproofing. The non-organic materials used in making them means you do not have to worry about water damage. They can hold great amounts of weight when compared to plasterboard, making them ideal for tiled wall surfaces. Using a backer board makes it highly unlikely that tiles will fall off as they are specially designed for adhesion and create a strong bond with adhesives when compared to other materials.

Cement Board

Cement board is the most common and widely known backer board. Cement board is readily available and relatively inexpensive. Cement boards are efficient use around bathtubs and showers. The core isn’t waterproof, but it can withstand getting wet without collapsing. Allowing the board to stay intact during a leakage. Cement board is a good, reliable backer board that works well on both floors and walls.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have a multitude of avenues to allow moisture to enter which can eventually lead to its base material. Once this happens, the studs can begin to dampen. Resulting in mold and rot. In a huge contrast, cement backer board does not rot, warp, grow mold, or deteriorate when exposed to water. Cement backer board is mainly used as a sub-surface for tiling.

Benefits of Backer Boards

They allow a much easier process to tile and plaster on to the smooth, flat surface, saving time and ensuring a highly professional and high-quality finish. Tile backer boards are great for insulating wet rooms and improving the efficiency of underfloor heating. Buying a thick board for your underfloor heating provides an increased level of insulation, improving heat retention and greatly reducing the cost of heating your home. They increase the choice of tile you can use, due to their smoothness and strength, allowing you to use a variety of tile materials including marble, granite and much more.

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