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Ceresit CM 17 SUPER FLEXIBLE tile adhesive is designed for laying ceramic, cement and stone tiles (except marble) on deformable substrates. Its characteristics guarantee a flexible connection with the substrate and transmission of squeezing stresses between tiles and the substrate. Therefore, CM 17 SUPER FLEXIBLE is recommended for laying tiles on thin partition walls, heated floors, elevations, terraces, balconies, pool basins and technological water reservoirs.

Premium, flexible  tile adhesive  with high adhesive strength for all kind of tiles on difficult substrates

  • Highest adhesion strength and flexibility
  • Safe application even in extreme conditions
  • Resistant to substrate deformations on balconies, terraces and on heated floors
  • High load resistance
  • For critical substrates (e.g. tile-on-tile)
  • For pools and wet areas
  • For large format tiles (> 1m), porcelaine and natural stone
  • For indoor and outdoor use

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