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Ceresit CM 16 WHITE mortar is used for fixing tiles made of marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, conglomerate, light limestone and other coarse-grained rocks resistant to discoloration. It is also suitable for gluing ceramic and porcelain tiles, glaze, terracotta and all types of mosaic, e.g. glass and ceramic. Each time, before fixing the tiles, it is recommended to make your own application test in order to check that the mortar does not discolor the tiles.

The properties of the mortar make it possible to fix the tiles on gypsum-fiber boards and gypsum-cardboard boards on substrates such as anhydrite screeds, gypsum and aerated concrete substrates and on sealing coats. It can be used on terraces, balconies, stairs, heated floors, facades as well as on OSB boards and on the existing ceramic cladding (only inside rooms). It also works well in places exposed to intense traffic and utility loads, such as: communication routes, corridors, schools, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, etc.

CM 16 WHITE is characterized by high adhesion, very good and easy spreading under the tile, which ensures a flexible connection of the tiles with the deformable substrate, transferring shear stresses. Thanks to the non-shrinkage drying and bonding, the glued tiles are stable both in the first stage of bonding and after complete drying. In the case of other types of tiles and other substrates, higher loads – appropriate Ceresit mortars and adhesives should be used.

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