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Noise is one of the most common complaints raised by employees working in an office environment. If you have previously worked in a similar environment, you are well are of all distracting factors a busy workplace can have. A noisy workplace can be more than just an annoyance. Multiple studies have shown noise in the office can seriously reduce productivity and increase stress, not to mention lower job satisfaction and employee morale. Research has also revealed that business owners are often unaware that they have a noise problem.

For employees working in an office environment, a noisy workspace is more than just an annoyance. It can cause distractions, reduce productivity, and even increase stress, not to mention the effects on employee morale and job satisfaction. Research shows that employees working in noisy offices are more likely to leave their job within six months. More than half of employees say they lack a quiet space for productive work. Workplace acoustics have grown over the years and now include decorative option for improving the noise around your workspace. There are many reasons to soundproof offices and is now easier than ever.

Unwanted sound can take several forms:

  • Conversational noise: Conversational noise includes conversations while the kettle boils, at the water cooler, meeting and breakout areas and colleagues having telephone conversations. Conversational noise can be highly distracting as it piles up.
  • Machinery noise: From photocopiers to scanners, kettles and printers to dishwashers, offices are often filled with tech that often causes unwanted noise.
  • External noise: If your office is based next to a workshop, factory, garage or other business working environments, this can lead to further distractions. This kind of acoustic noise disturbances can prevent clear-thinking, decision-making and lead to decreased productivity.

Sound Absorbing wall tiles

They come in many different colours to mask with the background of the office or stand out. The tiles are efficient for balancing sounds around the office and can be arranged and attached according to your own requirements. An alternative is acoustic insulation / sound absorbing materials that can be placed around a room to reduce noise pollution, making acoustic wall panels a great solution for soundproofing an office.

Rearrange your office layout

In some cases, noise pollution can be managed with just a simple office rearrangement. For example, by placing desks in a group, you can help balance noise around the entire office. Rearranging noisy office equipment can reduce distractions too. Placing the printer, photocopy machine, and anything else in a separate space can help reduce the noise in your office, creating a more focused working environment.

Introduce plants

Plants have decorative features and aesthetic benefits and help increase the well-being of employees and improve air quality. Most importantly helps reduce noise within an office space. Large living walls can be introduced to combat your noise problem and have now become extremely popular in commercial design. The larger the plant the bigger the impact, ideally placed on windowsills and floors.


Explore your flooring options

Hard surfaces such as wood and ceramic can create an extremely noisy environment. If noise is a serious problem in your office, try carpet or a vinyl flooring solution, both are ideal for reducing noise in a office.

Noise-cancelling headphones

If re-designing your office isn’t a feasible option, or if you’re looking for something a quick and affordable fix, then noise-cancelling headphones could be ideal for you. But we recommend going for the former options as it will maximise efficiency and ultimately there are better alternatives.

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