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Cellecta, founded on 14th May 2001, is one of the UK’s leading pioneer, manufacturer, and supplier of eco-friendly, high performance thermal and acoustic insulation products. For over 20 years products have successfully been installed in various residential, commercial, educational, health and industrial buildings. With the production facility based in the United Kingdom customers are attracted from across the nation with the extensive range of Acoustic & thermal treatments all of which are available from Cellecta.


Cellecta offers a wide range of thermal insulation products specifically designed for each application. All products have excellent life-long thermal performance, high compressive strength, closed cell structure and very low water absorption. The boards are 100% recyclable, zero ozone depleting and have a global warming potential (GWP) of less than 5, making cellecta one of the most environmentally friendly insulants available. Cellecta are ideal for a multitude of domestic, commercial, educational and heath care projects.

Basement wall lining

XPERi boards have high resistance to water absorption, outstanding compressive strength, and interlocking edge detail, making them the ideal insulation for external applications such as basements and below ground retaining walls

High Compressive Strength Floor Insulation

A high compressive strength, closed-cell structure and low water absorption make XFLOOR boards the ideal insulation for a variety of domestic, commercial, educational and healthcare flooring applications.

Swimming Pool Insulation

Designed specifically for swimming pool applications, XPOOL insulation boards have a high resistance to water absorption and ultra-high compressive strength, able to withstand long term enforced loads.

Inverted roof insulation

Excellent life long thermal performance, combined with low water absorption and high compressive strength make XROOF boards the ideal insulation for inverted and green roof applications

Inverted Roof Insulation with Integral Drainage Channels

XDRAiN inverted roof boards have a unique pattern of drainage channels on their underside, which speeds up the shedding of rainwater, eliminating the need for a separation drainage mat, making them ideal for green roof applications.

Insulation Blocks for Pre-stressed Concrete Beam Ground Floors

TETRiS X & P innovative insulation replaces the concrete blocks in a beam and block floorsystem. Their unique “T” profile enables the block to sit on and fit between standard pre-stressed concrete floor beams. To add structural integrity, the insulation is then covered with a concrete topping to provide a structural floor with outstanding thermal performance and zero cold bridging.

Rigid Insulated Cavity Closers

Cellecta’s exclusive cavity closers eliminates cold bridging around window and door openings 

Customer Service

Team of experienced staff from Cellecta offer brilliant customer support, from assistance in selecting the most suitable product that satisfies current legislation to arranging delivery of the right materials direct to the site on time. Regardless of if you’re starting a new project or refurbishing an existing building, Cellecta manufacture an established range of acoustic and thermal solutions to provide the end user with complete satisfaction. 01634 29-66-77 Cellecta ltd Bounty House Norman Close Rochester, Kent ME2 2NF

Buy Cellecta products with us today at or speak to one of our friendly staff at 02038839057 

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Please include product name and quantities

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