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Ceresit, a company dating back over a century is a worldwide brand offering a diverse variety of high-quality products and solutions. The products ranging from bonding and sealing for tiles, windows, facades, roofs, and floors to installation and fastening technologies. Ceresit’s systems all provide a high level of application security enabling ease of use. As a result, clients are able to get a better deal and be time efficient.

About Ceresit 

Ceresit is built upon on a relationship with artisans and specialised trades. With a primary goal to establish themselves as a reliable and capable construction partner for expert artisans. Clients are supplied with a continual stream of new, high-quality, and best-suited system solutions by focusing on core principles of Innovation, Quality, Technical Expertise, and Sustainability. Ceresit stands for dependability and professional quality, as well as energy efficiency and environmental protection. More buildings are being built as the building stock is set to double by 2050. Globally, the built environment accounts for almost 40% of total CO2 emissions. Buildings will play a key role in fighting climate change.

Global Warming

Ceresit aims to combat climate change and reduce CO2 use as more steps are taking place to become climate positive by the year 2040. The steps include reducing the carbon footprint of raw materials used and supporting homeowners to reduce their CO2 emissions. Another step being taken is producing packaging that is recyclable and reusable, maximising efficiency. Products are being developed with the goal of having low emission levels and reducing harmful substances that can have a lasting impact.



Ceresit offers a comprehensive line of tile adhesives, as well as components and systems that meet the requirements from clients of all backgrounds. Premixed cement-based tile adhesives guarantee the secure installation of tiles, natural stone pavers, and marble on a variety of substrates.

Ceresit CT85 Adhesive is one of the adhesives on display today.


  • highly resistant to mechanical impact

  • flexible

  • strengthened with unique combination of fibres

  • resistant to hairlines and crack

  • high adhesion to mineral substrates and EPS-board

  • resistant to weather condition

  • vapour permeable

  • low water absorption

  • possibility of machine application


Primers offer the base for a perfect installation and secure final results for tiling, flooring and waterproofing. They bind dust, strengthen the substrate, protect the subfloor and ensure an excellent bonding of the upper coat or adhesive. Regardless of the environmental conditions (temperature, moisture etc.). Ceresit aims to provide you with cost-effective and reliable primers for a sustainable interior finishing.
Ceresit CT17 Profi is one of the primers on display today
Key facts:
Strengthens the surface
Binds Dust
Protects next layer from crack formation or delamination
Reduces absorbency

Mineral Plaster

A stone like structure which is used for as decorative thin layer plaster for indoor and outdoor applications.  Recommended use on concrete substrates, traditional plasters, gypsum substrates and gypsum cardboards, gypsum fibre boards, and many more applicable uses. 

Ceresit CT 137 is one of the mineral plasters on display today


  • Highly vapour permeable
  • Highly durable and resistant to weather conditions
  • Naturally resistant to the development of fungus, algae and mould
  • Hydrophobic
  • Possibility of machine application
  • Manufactured in white as well as in the option to be painted
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