Buy QuadCore Architectural KS600-1000 Wall Panels

QuadCore Architectural KS600-1000 Wall Panels are available in 11 profiles and designed to challenge perceptions of building with panels. The architectural wall panels solution can be installed both vertically and horizontally and available in a wide range of colours for maximum visual impact.

  • 11 distinct profiles – KS600-1000 MR, EB, MM, CX,WV,PL, KS1000 LV, CW, TL, FL, FL-S 
  • Suitable both vertical and horizontal applications
  • Lengths from 1.8m up to 17m
  • Spanning capability – Longspan – up to 8.2m, frame to frame
  • Cover width – from 600mm to 1000mm
  • Factory supplied weather seal

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