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Primacol Glastatex is a ready-to-use adhesive for fiberglass and interlining wallpapers. The product can also be used for gluing heavy, vinyl, textile and structural wallpapers. Glastatex guarantees professional, durable and very strong bonding of wallpaper to the wall, which powder adhesives cannot provide. The joint after drying is transparent. Always read the wallpaper manufacturer’s instructions before applying the adhesive.

How to use: The glue should be mixed thoroughly before use. Apply the product to the wall with a paint roller or brush. Pay attention to the even distribution of the adhesive on the wall. Wallpapering should be done with stripes, i.e. apply glue to a part of the wall about 1.5 m wide, glue the wallpaper strip, align and press, push any air bubbles off the edge of the wallpaper using a rubber roller or cloth. Apply glue to another part of the wall and glue another strip of wallpaper. This way of wallpapering is related to the fast setting of the adhesive. For about 5 minutes it is possible to correct the position of the wallpaper on the wall. Remove residues and excess glue on the edges of the wallpaper immediately with a damp cloth. Before painting the wallpaper with paint, keep a gap of 24 hours from the moment of gluing wallpaper. After finishing work, wash the tools with warm water.

The manufacturer is not responsible for any incorrect application of the adhesive and any resulting damages. Before gluing the main surface, it is recommended to make a test to become familiar with the adhesive technique.

Storage: Store at a temperature of 5-25oC, in a dark and dry place in tightly closed, original packaging. Keep away from children.

Shelf life: The expiry date stated on the packaging. After opening, it is recommended to use the adhesive within 2 weeks.

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