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Den Braven Acrylic Light Filler is an ultra light, perfectly white, quickly painted, ready-to-use acrylic for leveling in interior drywall systems, touch-up systems, filling cavities, repairing scratches, cracks, sealing joints and gaps in plaster, plasterboard and blocks.

  • Ready to paint after 20 minutes from application
  • Combination of traditional acrylic sealant with ready-to-use leveling compound – 2 in 1
  • Effective painting with water or synthetic paints, without cracks and discoloration
  • As a putty, it is suitable for single-layer application, for any thickness and cross-section, without the risk of shrinkage cracks
  • Can be applied to a much greater thickness than traditional putty, characterized by shrinkage, which must be applied in layers (saving time and money)
  • Ultra light – very easy to apply (especially when filling the ceiling – it is almost half lighter than water)
  • Sandable after drying (does not mud sandpaper)
  • Virtually no shrinkage (negligible weight loss) – ensures an aesthetic and crack-free joint and even surface
  • After drying, it remains slightly elastic – ideal for static joints or places with low deformability
  • Very well adhesive to gypsum plasterboards, gypsum plasters, gypsum blocks and similar materials
  • Solvent free (slight odor)
  • Super white
  • For indoor applications
  • Chemically neutral (does not cause metal corrosion)
  • A delicate paste consistency
  • Does not drip

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