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Ceresit CT 49 Silix XD® nano-silicone paint is equipped in selected modified silicone and polysiloxane resins together with special fillers and pigments. Thanks to extremely high hydrophobia of the coat surface, reached by use of PTFE additives the “pearl” effect appears – inmigration of water and dirt is strongly limited. Nevertheless the coat is highly permeable to water vapour. 

CT 49 Silix XD® extends the aesthetic effect and durability of the coated surface.CT 49 Silix XD® is used outdoor and indoor, especially suggested for protecting of coated areas against weathering (e.g. sour rain), biological corrosion and in cases where high durability and dirt-resistance is required. It can be applied on the mineral substrates (concrete, cement plasters, lime–cement plasters and lime plasters) that have never been painted before.This paint can be used for painting Ceresit: CT 35 and CT 137 mineral plasters, Ceresit: CT 60, CT 63, CT 64 acrylic plasters, Ceresit: CT 72, CT 73 silicate plasters, CT 74, CT 75 silicone plasters, as well as silicate-silicone plasters Ceresit CT 174 and CT 175: applied on traditional substrates and within Ceresit ETICS with the application of EPS-boards. 

It is highly recommended to use CT 49 in historical objects, on the renovation and aerated plasters as well as on all the surfaces where aesthetic qualities and duration of the coating is required. Thanks to crack-bridging abilities of CT 49, the coat is highly recommended for application on mineral plasters as well during application of ETICS as during the renovation of aged insulation systems. The façades covered with the paint CT 49 can be washed with washing devices operating under low pressure. The exposure of the façade to the sun causes dangerous tensions; therefore dark colours should be used only on small areas, e.g. architectural details.

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