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Ceresit CT 17 Profi is designed for priming substrates (walls, floors, ceilings) inside and outside buildings prior to fixing ceramic tiles, pouring floors, fixing floor lining, papering, puttying, painting, or fixing thermal insulation boards. The primer is solvent-free. Substrates primed with Ceresit CT 17 Profi (all kinds of plaster, concrete, screeds, primers with underfloor heating installations) are of lower absorbency, which prevents too rapid overdrying of adhesive mortars, flooring, putties and paints.

  • consumption: from 0.1 to 0.5 l / m² (depending on the equality and absorbability of the substrate)
  • it strengthens the surface
  • reduces the absorbability of the substrate
  • improves adhesion to the ground
  • permeable
  • makes it easier to apply subsequent layers, eg glues, putties, floors, paints

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