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CM 16 Express mortar is particularly useful during renovation works and when it is important to put the premises into operation quickly. The mortar allows foot traffic and pointing after just 3 hours from the moment the facing is glued.

CM 16 Express is used for fixing ceramic tiles (glaze, terracotta, gres), cement and natural stone (resistant to discoloration) on substrates such as: concrete, cement screed, cement and cement-lime plaster, and heated floors. It works well in places exposed to intense traffic and utility loads, such as: communication routes, corridors, schools, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, etc.

It can be used inside and outside buildings, in housing and general construction. Also (only inside buildings) on gypsum, anhydrite, aerated concrete substrates, strong paint coatings, existing tiles, cellular concrete. In the case of fixing tiles made of stone sensitive to discoloration, it is absolutely necessary to carry out own application tests to check whether the mortar does not discolor the tiles.

In the case of other types of tiles and other substrates, higher loads – appropriate Ceresit mortars and adhesives should be used.

  • foot traffic and grouting possible after 3 hours
  • thick layer up to 20mm
  • for balconies, terraces, underfloor heating
  • for difficult substrates: OSB, tile to tile
  • with non-shrinkage drying and bonding
  • enables fast progress of tiling works
  • recommended for large and small tiles
  • full load after 24 hours

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