CEKOL DL-80 is a water-borne, solvent-free, deeply penetrating emulsion used for priming absorbable gypsum, concrete and brick substrates under putty, leveling with self-leveling mortars, gluing ceramic tiles. Can be used inside and outside buildings. The CEKOL DL-80 emulsion can be used to protect plaster surfaces against moisture and weather conditions.

CEKOL DL-80 emulsion is non-toxic and non-flammable. Does not contain organic solvents. Strengthens substrates, seals them, increases adhesion of putty and adhesive mortars to the substrate and spout. Prevents harmful chemical reactions between gypsum and cement. With self-leveling screeds, it prevents the water from absorbing too quickly through the subfloor, improving flowability and reducing bubble formation. CEKOL DL-80 improves evenness in the application of mortars when plastering and leveling. Priming the plaster surface makes painting easier. After drying, a transparent, slightly shiny coating is formed on the surface, resistant to water and alkaline factors, which does not inhibit the exchange of water vapor and gases with the environment.

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