ATLAS GEOFLEX recipe contains a unique siliceous gel technology. The siliceous gel offers exceptional ability of water retention. It fills the pores formed at the stage of adhesive setting by the net of inorganic bindings. The accumulation of mixing water ensures full cement hydration, regardless of the cladding type in use. Owing to the appropriate water management, which is necessary for the binding process completion, gel adhesive assures full adhesion to substrates of various absorptivity levels.

The use of siliceous gel technology gives the advantages:

  • possibility of fixing cladding of any type, both absorbable and non-absorbable,
  • possibility of optimum adaptation of the adhesive consistency to individual contractor’s preferences and actual needs resulting from particular use, by dosing water within a range much wider than in case of traditional adhesives,
  • full adhesive spreading beneath the tiles, which improves adhesion and bond durability, particularly in case of outdoor use,
  • safe cladding fixing on substrates exposed to direct sunshine, both during tiling and the adhesive setting (e.g. on balconies, terraces, etc.).

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