ATLAS GEOFLEX EXPRESS contains the unique siliceous gel technology. The siliceous gel offers exceptional ability of water retention which ensures full cement hydration, regardless the cladding type in use.

Use of the siliceous gel technology allows for:

  • fixing cladding of any type, both porous and low suction,
  • optimum adaptation of the adhesive consistency to individual contractor’s preferences and actual needs resulting from particular use, by dosing water within a range much wider than in case of traditional adhesives,
  • full adhesive spread underneath the tiles, which improves adhesion, particularly in case of outdoor use,
  • safe cladding installation on substrates exposed to direct sunshine (if the temperature does not exceed 35°C), both during tiling and the adhesive setting.

Rapid setting – use of rapid setting cement in the adhesive formula allows for rapid increase of adhesion and strength, especially during the initial setting (first 2-3 hours after tiles installation). This ability enables foot traffic and grouting just after 2 hours after tiles installation. The adhesive is recommended also for quick repairs of the floor (e.g. on balcony, terrace etc.)

Wide range of adhesive thickness (2-15 mm) enables:

– thin-coat cladding installation on even substrates,

– thin-coat cladding installation on uneven substrates, preceded by substrate floating,

– thick-coat cladding installation on uneven substrates, with no need for substrate floating.

No cladding slip – enables installation of the cladding from top to bottom with no need of support at the fixing stage.

No shrinkage of the adhesive underneath the tile – no subsidence of the tiles during setting – works can be continued after a break with no risk of level difference.

Resistant to changing atmospheric conditions – allows for quick and safe works in various atmospheric conditions. Rapid strength gain by the adhesive limits the possibility of damaging cladding during installation outside of the building.

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