A guide to: Exterior wall rendering

Exterior Rendering refers to the act of applying an external wall covering composed mainly of cement and sand and a lime based or synthetic resin based colour resin. This is done with the goal of protecting the building’s bricks from the elements.

Ceresit CT74 silicone render is ideal for this, as it is ideal for making thin layer renders on concrete substrates, traditional renders, gypsum substrates and chipboards, gypsum cardboards. You can also use the Ceresit Ceretherm reliable and popular thermal insulation system to achieve this. Ceretherm is an economic solution that offers proper thermal insulation properties and regular resistance to weather changing conditions. In addition to this, it is an economic, ETA Ceresit Ceretherm Popular certified solution which is resistant to fungi and algae.

Either Ceresit ZS/CT 81 or Ceresit ZU/CT 82 can be used for the fixing stage and EN 13163 classified EPS boards with a 42 cm thickness for the insulation material. The reinforced layer can be built using an adhesive and reinforcing mesh such as Ceresit ZU/CT 82, in conjunction with a glass fibre mesh like Ceresit CT 325.

Ceresit CT 16 can be used as the priming paint, with CT 60, CT 63, CT 64 being great choices for the plastering stage. Finally, Ceresit CT42 is a perfect choice for the final layer of paint on the walls.

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